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Wildlife Photo Contest
The mission of the Coastal Bend Wildlife Photo Contest is to raise public awareness about wildlife and habitat conservation in Texas. Read the full mission statement...
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3rd Place 'Night Photography' -  Chris Gamel


Registered Landowners
The private landowner is the reason for the contest. All living creatures require food, water, and shelter. The tremendous diversity of trees, shrubs and other native plants provide those key elements for the multitude of critters that call South Texas home. We applaud our landowners for allowing the photographers to come and share in that experience.
Robert A.F. Hill
Portland , TX
Leah Pummill
Corpus Christi, TX
Al & Diane Johnson
Rockport , TX
Melinda Clement
Kingsville , TX
Dr. & Mrs. Pat Hubert
Kingsville , TX
Hugo & Laura Berlanga
Corpus Christi, TX
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Pedrotti
Corpus Christi, TX
R.C. & Helen Allen
Corpus Christi, TX
Peggy & Bill Clark
Corpus Christi, TX
Tom Martin
George West , TX
Shirley D. Smith
Goliad, TX
Jose Ramos
Corpus Christi, TX
Earl & Nina Hubert
Riviera , TX
Jo An & Al Rhode
Corpus Christi, TX
Janis & Richard Haas
Corpus Christi, TX
Ted & Fran Jordan
Houston, TX
Sergio Tavares, MD Franklin
Corpus Christi , TX
Kent Savage
Sandia, TX
Bobby & Theresa Carrillo
Corpus Christi, TX
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Weeden
Taft, TX
Patti & Luther Young/ B-Bar-B Ranch Inn
Kingsville, TX
Mr. & Mrs. Loncito Cartwright
Dinero, TX
J.A. Tony Canales/Canales & Simonson PC
Corpus Christi, TX
Doug Barbe /Celanese Corporation
Bishop, TX
Terri Nicolau/Coastal Bend Audubon Society
Corpus Christi, TX
Shelly Nelson/Cyberease
Corpus Christi, TX
Hughes Thomas, EH Partnership
Sinton, TX
Brien O' Connor Dunn , Fennessey Ranch
Bayside , TX
Lauren Dietz, Flint Hills Resources
Corpus Christi, TX
John West, Attorney at Law
Beeville , TX
John Reuthinger , Judilynn's
Corpus Christi, TX
Beth Knolle, Knolle Farm & Ranch
Sandia, TX
Pepe Guerra , Las Comitas Ranch Partnership
Alice , TX
Charlie West, Neessen Chevrolet
Kingsville, TX
Craig Franklin
Charles Kaffie
Corpus Christi, TX
Paulette Barker Southard
Alice , TX
Larry & Sandy Jones
Beeville, TX
Grady Hogue
Beeville , TX
David Edwards
Sinton, TX
Sally & Jim King
Beeville , TX
John Breidenbach
Beeville , TX
Stephen Naiser
Sandia , TX
Ruth & Nolan Ryan
Alvin , TX
Patrick & Linda Hamilton
Premont, TX
David & Eline Haunschild
Kingsville, TX
Jimmy Jackson
Beeville, TX
Richard Phillips
John & Louise Pettigrove
Sandia, TX
Lynn Drawe, PhD/Rob & Bessie Welder Wildlife Foundation
Sinton , TX
Mary Patricia Dougherty, San Domingo Ranch
Beeville, TX
Tom Ballou/Sherwin Alumina Company
Corpus Christi, TX
Mark Dumesnil, The Nature Conservancy of Texas
Corpus Christi, TX
W.G. (Bill) Bates , W.L. Bates Company
Corpus Christi, TX